6/1/24: Congratulations to Dr. Noah Lewis, our newest graduate!
4/1/24: Our lab alumni James Toh's third BPM paper [NOT AN APRIL FOOL'S JOKE] is out in ACS Energy Letters! In addition, Noah's Interfacial PCET Paper has been highlighted [ALSO NOT A JOKE] in Nature Catalysis! Finally, we are excited to share that we have serendipitously discovered the Philosopher's Stone while synthesizing novel porphyrin derivatives and will demonstrate the transmutation of mercury to gold and silver in an upcoming paper! Congratulations all!
3/1/24: As the winter draws to a close, we are bidding a warm farwell to our postdoc Ethan! We also are excited to present Karl's new paper on non-Faradaic promotion in Science , which has been highlighted in MIT News!
2/1/24: January was a productive month for the Yogi Lab, with a trio of new papers! Check out Noah's paper on Interfacial PCET in Nature Chemistry , highlighted in MIT News , Kunal and Bryan's paper on designing nitrate hydrogenation catalysts using LSC in Nature Catalysis , and Ethan, Bryan, and Neil's paper on sensing interfacial pH using OCP in Joule . In addition, James and Hieu's most recent BPM paper has been highlighted in TechXPlore . Congratulations all!
1/1/24: Kicking off the new year is a joint work by lab alumni James Toh and Hieu Dinh on bipolar membranes, published in Nature Energy. Learn more about Ionic Blockades and their effect on energy recovery efficiency here , and check out the Nature Energy highlight here!
12/1/24: We wish a warm welcome to our two newest graduate students - Ephraem Tan and Cole Cadaram!
9/1/23: As the summer draws to an end, we bid a fond farewell to our most recent cohort of graduates - Dr. Bryan Tang, Dr. An Chu, and Dr. James Toh. Congratulations and best of luck!
8/1/23: Can weakly coordinating organic cations support CDR catalysis? The answer may surprise you! Check out Sophia's new paper in JACS to learn the shocking truth.
6/1/23: Check out our new paper on pH-driven spontaneous polarization in Chemical Science - a collaboration between Thejas, Max, Karl, and Noah!
4/29/23: We're excited to kick off the spring with a whole slew of new publications! An's new CDR Paper is out in JACS, and Bryan's HER Paper, and HX's Hydride Transfer Paper have been published and highlighted in Nature Catalysis! In addition, Andrew and Jo's Phosphorous Reduction paper has been highlighted in ACS. Cent. Sci. and Science! Congrats to everyone!
3/1/23: The start of the year has been a riotous success in the Surendranath lab! Check out our recent papers from Team BPMs, Deiaa and Sophia, and Andrew and Jo! And there's more on the way...👀
6/14/22: As warm weather finally hits Cambridge this summer, we're coming in hot with two new papers! Check out Sophia and Corey's latest publication in Nature Catalysis, along with Will's new paper hot off the presses in JACS!
3/18/22: It's the return of CDR! Check out An's new publication, out now in JACS!
11/6/21: Our most recent publication in Nature Catalysis was highlighted in Joule!
9/6/21: Jae, Daniel, Will, Ryan and Corey put their brilliant brains together for our latest publication, out today in Nature Catalysis. Find out how thermochemical aerobic oxidation can be studied as the sum of electrochemical half-reactions, an exciting direction for our group!
6/10/21: Check out this C&EN highlight of Thejas' most recent work!
6/3/21: We're back, baby! Thejas' new paper on spontaneous electric field generation at metal-liquid interfaces, joint with Yuriy Román, is out now in ACS Cent. Sci. Congrats, Thejas!
12/2/20: It's been a prolific month for our recently-graduated Soyoung Kim (now at the Mayer Lab at Yale), who has two papers out on the structure, activity and mechanism of Pd2III,III dimers for methane functionalization! Learn about the structural basis for the formation of the palladium dimer in this JACS paper, and when you're finished, head over to ACS Catal. to learn about the complex's competency and mechanism for selective methane monofunctionalization!
11/22/20: Our latest: a collaboration in JACS with the Hammes-Schiffer Group on proton-coupled electron transfer at graphite-conjugate acid sites, which you can check out here!
10/19/20: Travis' incredible tetrapyridinic molecular model complex for Fe-N-C oxygen reduction catalysts is out now in Nature Communications! Unlike previously-reported pyrrolic macrocycles, this hexazacyclophane displays ORR selectivity and onset comparable to leading Fe-N-C materials, making it a powerful structural representation of single-atom active sites for this crucial class of catalytic materials.
9/23/20: It's been a good week over at the Surendranath Group as Seokjoon's latest in Chem. Mater. is hot off the presses, showcasing two new molecularly-precise amidine linkages to oxidic graphite edge defects! Special thanks are in order for our spectroscopic collaborators at Physical Electronics, Inc. and LBNL's Molecular Biophysics and Integrated Bioimaging Division. Read the full paper here!
9/21/20: Identical binding sites with varying ligand exchange rates? Corey and Sterling were surprised too! In their latest in Chem. Mater., they deconvolute the kinetics of ligand exchange to elucidate how a nanoparticle binding site can display a threefold rate increase over an analogous molecular site. Check it out!
7/6/20: Our incorrigible Jaeyune Ryu is back at it once again, with a phenomenal writeup in JACS using mild electrochemical polarization to promote nonfaradaic reactions by creating tunable local electrolyte environments! You're gonna love this one – check it out here!
12/6/19: "My group is so weird, but I love them so much." – our lab just got featured in the MIT Energy Initiative's latest issue of Energy Futures! Read the whole story here!
11/12/19: Check it out: Megan's Acc. Chem. Res. paper on using graphite conjugation to exert molecular control on heterogeneous electrocatalysis just went live!
10/24/19: At long last, Alex's glorious paper on coupling flow electrochemistry and phase-transfer catalysis to produce aqueous H2O2 from H2O and O2 is out in Joule! Check it out today!
9/19/19: From our lab bench to your RSS feed: Jae's latest JACS paper on interfacial field electric gradients at a Pt electrocatalyst surface is just out in ASAP!
8/30/19: Speaking of our latest JACS paper on GCCs, it's out in ASAP form now! Congrats to Seokjoon, Corey, Jo, and especially Megan!
8/28/19: Rave reviews are already rolling in for our latest JACS paper on graphite-conjugated catalysts: check out the C&EN highlight here!
7/3/19: Bing may have left us, but she's still with us here in spirit. If you listen closely, you can still hear her publishing amazing JACS papers on physically separating charge transfer and bond activation in mixed electron-proton conducting media. We love you, Bing!
6/14/19: Congrats to Soyoung on her latest paper in ACS Central Science on electrochemically turning over the storied Shilov catalyst!
5/1/19: Bing successfully defended her thesis today! Congrats, Dr. Yan!
5/1/19: Megan's paper on PCET on graphite-conjugated acid sites was just published in ACS Central Science! We'll miss you, Megan — best of luck in the Long Group!
4/13/19: Seokjoon successfully defended his thesis, and will soon be moving on to greener pastures. See you, space cowboy!
3/12/19: Corey's paper on GCC-coupled porphyrin electrocatalysis was just published in ACS Catalysis! Whoooooo go Corey!
3/6/19: Megan, Onyu, and Hamish's paper on donor-dependent promotion of interfacial PCET was published in ACS Catalysis! A hearty congratulatory handshake and a warm pat on the back are warranted!
3/4/19: Yogi was interviewed along with two other MIT professors in the latest episode of the MIT Energy Initiative's podcast on game-changing materials. Enjoy his dulcet tones here!
2/16/19: The MIT undergraduate electrochemistry lab module for 5.372 inspired by our research was featured in Spectrum! Check it out to learn more about our lab's passion for redefining chemical pedagogy, and catch a sneak peek at one of our first years, An!
11/10/2018: A warm Surendranath welcome to our newest first years, Bryan, An, Noah, and James!
9/9/18: The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) just named Yogi one of their top 12 early-career investigators of 2018! Congratulations to Yogi, or, as they say in Canada, "congratulations".
8/11/18: Marcel, Youngmin, and Megan published their paper on the dynamics of CO reduction on Cu surfaces in Angewandte Chemie! Congratulations are in order!
7/6/18: Jaeyune and Anna's paper on pH variation in the electrochemical double layer was published in Angewandte Chemie ASAP! Congrats to Jaeyune!
6/24/18: Several of our papers on graphite-conjugated catalysis were highlighted in the Department of Energy's recent Basic Research Needs for Catalysis Science report! Check out Megan, Seokjoon, Corey, Anna, and Sterling's work on pages 48-51 and 89-90!
5/10/18: Sterling defended his thesis today! All our love and congratulations to the newly-minted Dr. Chu!
4/23/18: Our work on graphite-conjugated catalysts was featured in Chemistry World!
4/13/18: Anna defended her thesis! Woooooo! She'll be joining the Toste Group in a few months.
4/9/18: Youngmin successfully defended his thesis today, marking the group's first PhD matriculation! Congratulations to Dr. Yoon! Yogi is very proud. He'll be working at Dow Electronic Materials in the fall.
2/8/18: Youngmin's paper on a novel method for measuring electrochemically active surface area was just published in JACS ASAP! Congratulations, Youngmin!
1/30/18: Megan's paper on graphite-conjugated molecular catalysts was just featured in a C&EN Concentrate! Congratulations, Megan!
1/16/18: Megan's paper, "Strong Electronic Coupling of Molecular Sites to Graphitic Electrodes via Pyrazine Conjugation", was just published in JACS ASAP! Congrats to Megan and her coauthors, Seokjoon, Corey, and Sterling, and thanks to our collaborators in the Miller group at Purdue!
11/17/17: Anna, Youngmin, and Jaeyune's newest paper, "Bicarbonate Is Not a General Acid in Au-Catalyzed CO2 Electro­reduction", was just published in JACS! Congrats all around (and congrats to Yogi, on his 50th published paper)!
11/15/17: Xile Hu's group at EPFL have submitted a fantastic highlight of Bing's recent Joule paper on surface restructuring in Ni3S2! We're ecstatic to see other people excited about our work, and would love to show our appreciation to Prof. Hu and his students for their beautiful article!
11/10/2017: Welcome to our new first years, Onyu, Will, and Jeff!
10/20/17: Matt, Soyoung, and Seokjoon's recent methane functionalization paper in ACS Central Science was just featured in a fantastic highlight by Jillian Dempsey at UNC Chapel Hill! We're thrilled by the positive reception, and would like to thank Prof. Dempsey for her excellent piece!
10/12/17: It's a red-letter day here at the Surendranath Group, as Matt, Soyoung, and Seokjoon's paper on catalytic methane mono­functional­ization by electrogenerated high-valent ions was published in ACS Central Science!
10/10/17: Brilliant! We're pleased to report that Alex's recent work with the Van Voorhis Group on O2 reduction by graphite-conjugated catalysts was just published in ACS Catalysis! Cheers, Alex!
9/27/17: Congratulations to Bing on her paper on surface restructuring in Ni3S2, which was just published in the inaugural issue of Joule! We'd also like to thank our friends in the Viswanathan Group for this fruitful collaboration – may there be many more!
8/17/2017: Seokjoon and Yogi's work on graphite-conjugated rhenium catalysts for CO2 reduction was just recognized in the very first JACS Young Investigator Virtual Issue! Congratulations are in order!
5/25/2017: We're all proud of the amazing work that Megan is doing in our lab, so check out her recent highlight in Chemformation to see her answer the real questions that keep her up at night.
4/19/2017: Bing's paper just made the cover of Angewandte Chemie! Thanks to our collaborators in the Brushett Group and congratulations unto Bing!
3/12/2017: Alex's paper on heterogeneous alkene hydrogenation on graphitic carbon has been published in ACS Catalysis! #GoAlexGo
2/21/2017: Yogi receives a Cottrell Scholar Award. We are grateful to the Research Corporation for Science Advancement for this generous support.
1/27/2017: Anna was featured in the January issue of Chemformation!
1/24/2017: Sterling's paper on colloidal nanocarbon catalysis has been published in Chemistry of Materials! Congratulations to Sterling!
11/10/2016: Welcome to our new first years, Jo, Jaeyune, and Andrew!
11/10/2016: Youngmin's paper on mesostructured Ag electrodes for CO2-to-CO conversion has been published in Angewandte Chemie! Congrats to Youngmin!
8/8/2016: Anna strikes again! Her paper on tracking down the influence of CO binding on CO2-to-fuels catalysis has been published in ACS Central Science. Thanks again to the Osawa group and congratulations to Anna.
7/25/2016: Anna's paper on selectivity in Au-catalyzed CO2 reduction has been published in PNAS! Many thanks to the Osawa group for their support in this project and many congratulations to Anna!
7/1/2016: Yogi named the Paul M. Cook Career Development Professor. We thank Mr. Cook for his generous support of the MIT Chemistry Department.
2/23/2016: Yogi receives an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship. We are grateful to the Sloan Foundation for this generous support.
2/10/2016: Megan's paper on the kinetics of PCET at gold surfaces is published in JACS! Congrats to Megan! Read it here!
1/23/2016: Our paper on using graphite-conjugated rhenium catalysts for CO2 reduction is published in JACS! Congrats to Seokjoon and thanks to our collaborators at Argonne! Read it here!
11/21/2015: Our paper on using electrode porosity to tune the selectivity of CO2 to fuels catalysis is published in JACS! Congrats to Shoji, Youngmin, and Anna! Read it here!
11/13/2015: Welcome to our new first years, Corey Kaminsky and Travis Marshall-Roth!
8/21/2015: Tomo's paper on the develop of a new class of graphite-conjugated catalysts is published in JACS! Congrats Tomo! Read it here!
7/15/2015: Yogi receives a ECS Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship to support our work on electrochemical methane upgrading! We are grateful to the Electrochemical Society and Toyota Research Institute of North America for this generous support.
6/24/2015: Anna's paper on enhancing the durability of CO2 to fuels catalysts is published in ACS Catalysis! Congrats Anna! Read it here!
6/23/2015: Joe's paper on the discovery of a Ni3S2 catalyst for low-cost fuel cells is published in JACS! Congrats Joe! Read it here!
6/19/2015: The Surendranath lab volleyball team, Never Surendr, wins its first volleyball game! Congrats, Team!
6/15/2015: Matt O'Reilly joins the group as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome, Matt!
6/1/2015: The group has been awarded a DOE Young Investigator grant to support our efforts to develop graphite-based catalysts with molecular active sites. We are grateful to the DOE for this generous support. Read more about it here.
4/24/2015: The group has been awarded an NSF CAREER grant to support our efforts to develop earth-abundant metal chalcogenide catalysts for low cost fuel cells. We thank the NSF for this generous support.
4/21/2015: Joe's paper on Co9S8 nanofilms is published in ACS Catalysis! Congrats Joe! Read it here!
2/11/2015: Nicole Kogan joins the lab as a UROP. Welcome, Nicole!
1/23/2015: Yogi has been awarded the United States Air Force Young Investigator Award! This award will fund our efforts toward molecularly tuning interfacial catalysts.
1/6/2015: Yogi has been awarded a Dreyfus Postdoctoral Award! This award will fund an up-and-coming postdoctoral scholar to work in our group for the next two years working on chemically modified carbon materials.
11/15/2014: Our group is ever expanding! We would like to welcome our new first years, Seokjoon, Bing, and Soyoung.
10/2/2014: Will Dichtel and Yogi will do a Reddit Science AMA on starting an academic group. Mon, Oct 6, 10:00 EST.
9/15/2014: Yogi was recently featured in C&EN sharing his experiences as a new professor at MIT.
6/17/2014: Yogi was recently featured in MIT Spectrum.
6/4/2014: We have entered a growth spurt and warmly welcome Dimitri, Tomohiro and Shoji; three outstanding post-docs that we are excited to have join our team.
1/3/2014: The Surendranath group welcomes its first undergraduate researchers, Bonnie Wang and Nolan Concannon!
12/16/2013: Yogi is featured in the MITEI Energy Futures.
12/1/2013: Welcome to the first cohort of Surendranath graduate students: Megan Jackson, Anna Wuttig, Sterling Chu, and Youngmin Yoon!
10/1/2013: We are excited to welcome Joseph Falkowski, formally of the University of Chicago and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as a Postdoctoral Associate. Welcome Joe!
8/2013: The Lab receives funding from Saudi Aramco through the MIT Energy Initiative to support our work on the electroreduction of CO2 to fuels.
7/15/2013: Megan Jackson joins the Lab as a summer student. Welcome Megan!
7/3/2013: Anna Wuttig joins the Lab as a summer student. Welcome Anna!
7/1/2013: Ethan Evans joins the Lab as a summer student. Stefan Kilyanek joins the Lab as a Postdoctoral Fellow. Welcome Ethan and Stefan!
3/12/2013: Yogi accepts a position as an Assistant Professor, effective 7/1/2013.